Bitcoin Farm >Game-like investor site with ADs,you can buy animals and get 23% monthly income from these,you can also get balance from watching ADs and you will get free chicken for registration so you can get some income also free!

Bitcoin Mine  >The same as page above,with mine design instead of farm-use both,earn 2 times more. 
These farm and mine page will let you start from 0 AND give you free income for first 4 days,you can start this with everything around for free and after you generate any coins on faucet,you can deposit it here since they want you to deposit before making withdrawal. (This is made cause of system that lets you withdraw only given % of your deposit per 1 withdrawal,you might only deposit 10000 satoshi and after that your max withdrawal will be 35000 per one withdrawal -you can withdraw again  of course! These projects already work great for over year and paid out REAL high rewards so you might like to try this aswel!! )

GoldFarm >Great page where you can claim daily coin and buy chickens to lay coins in eggs back for you,no need to login daily if you dont want the coin bonus,eggs will wait here for you even whole month! Just collect your eggs monthly,sell and withdraw!

>>>>adbtc >Click on ads to get bitcoin,this site pays ones of biggest rewards per ad click around. (THERE are 3 types of ads,id suggest you to open>> AUTOSURF <<on one tab while clicking on >>SURF ADS<< and after these 2 are done,go watch >>SURFING IN ACTIVE WINDOW<< this way you can get all the rewards fastest way)THIS PAGE NOW ALSO PAYS YOU ON FAUCETHUB

Dungeons&Treasures>Old school browser RPG where your game money-GOLD is transfered into dollar every month!

Bitradio>Listen to a music and get paid for it! (or mute the tab to get paid without listening),you can change earned coins into bitcoin on Cryptopia You can also trade other crpytocurrency here to get income!

Er Mail> Get 15USD at registration+bonuses and an advertising email time by time (around 1 per week) for more dollars.

Powtoken> Register here with your facebook/twitter account and get  POW tokens free (10 USD at 26.12.2017),no more claims,just get tokens and withdraw.

Pecun> Register here to get 20(30) Pecun coins free (around 72 dollars at 18.12.2017(45 dollars at 26.12.2017 for 30coins)) this will be free to withdraw after ICO (see date of ICO on page)

MMORPG browser game >Remake of CoinBrawl which stopped paying,sharing pool of 400 000 satoshi daily in arena. You can also play different games or quests to get satoshis. Free to play of course.

AD SHORTENER > In case you are sharing links to anyone or have your own website,be sure to shrink every link here since you will get the biggest payout rates around!

Chop coin > Play easy online game to earn 15-200 satoshi every 10 minutes on faucet room OR 200 satoshi every 3 minutes on KotH room! 4000 withdrawal

Free crypto casino with faucet > Claim 10DOGE/150satoshi/15000 litoshi every 10 minutes to play with on games!

Another CRYPTOCASINO with faucet > Claim 150 to 6150 satoshi EVERY 3 minutes and multiply on games!

Casino with nice slots and great faucet! >Faucet lets you claim tokens which can be changed to satoshi 1:1,you can claim every 90 seconds up to 17 500 000 tokens!

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