I have decided to put down the list of REAL PTC sites since theres already a big bunch of PTC sites and atleast 60% of them are SCAM!

This list is SCAM-FREE.

Cliquebook casual PTC site,you can click ads,do offers and also buy or rent your own referrals with no work! (i have myself bought 15 referrals and every last one of them is already clicking every day im really happy for this site!)

Neo bux also well known ptc which is working really good.

Time Bucks is one of newer pages that offers really the most different ways to earn money from clicking ads through many unseen ways up to taking selfie photos!

Scarlet Clicks This is also one of great PTC sites that works for years and still paying out!

Clix Sense One of older pages which offers some nice bonuses on top of casual ptc ways to earn! watch out to do the daily bonus so you earn a little extra!

Cliquesteria A sister page of cliquebook, its actually just clone but works as good as original!

Buxenger You may also like to download this great software which lets you to do all the ptc work on all the pages really fast (Google Chrome extension) just add your site and your account!


Dungeons&Treasures>Old school browser RPG where your game money-GOLD is transfered into dollar every month!

Er Mail> Get 15USD at registration+bonuses and an advertising email time by time (around 1 per week) for more dollars.

GoldFarm >Great page where you can claim daily coin and buy chickens to lay coins in eggs back for you,no need to login daily if you dont want the coin bonus,eggs will wait here for you even whole month! Just collect your eggs monthly-weekly-or daily,sell and withdraw!

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