Freebitcoin >Faucet which lets you claim up to 200 USD in bitcoin every hour! You also can multiply on games or keep your balance here to get daily interest (much more worth-it investing) Use deposit address as your bitcoin wallet anywhere to get all your bitcoins here and get some bonus off their daily interest.

Freedogecoin >Same as above,but with dogecoin

QPRO > Just register your account and get small bit off 22 different coins every day-no need to log in or claim.

BTCwheel >Claim 1-7 satoshi instantly into XAPO wallet (no minimum withdrawal) with no timer and easiest captcha. You can get 85-140 satoshis/minute.

***Ethereum Faucet >Claim 3500gwei FREE and more up to every 5 minutes

***Bitcoin Faucet >Get 75 satoshi FREE and claim more up to every 5 minutes.

***Litecoin faucet > Get 7250 FREE litoshi and claim more up to every 5 minutes.

***Dogecoin Faucet > Get 10 FREE doge coins and more up to every 5 minutes.

Mybithouse >This page gives you 20000 satoshi to start and lets you claim off one of 3 faucets (5 min,15 min and 1 hour faucets)

Multicoin faucet > Lets you claim bitcoin 2 times every hour and ethereum 2 times every 30 min.

Bitfun >Lets you claim bitcoin every 5 minutes or longer (longer you wait,more you claim)

BonusBitcoin > Claim up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes and gives you daily bonus for the amount you claimed through that day.

Moon Bitcoin >One of most used faucets,lets you laso claim as often as you wish 

Moon doge
Moon lite                   > ALL THESE 7 FAUCETS (5moons+bitfun+bonusbtc) PAY IN ONE ACCOUNT ON   


Moon Bitcoin Cash

ALL 4 moon faucets and 2 faucets above are paying your money in ONE wallet and you can change all the balances into BTC!

Swissadspay>Almost same faucet like multicoin one,but only for ethereum.

Litecoin box faucet > Claim 10000-5000000 litoshi every 20 minutes. NO PAYMENT PROOF YET THIS MIGHT BE SCAM

Faucethub>Everyone knows this page,this is currently most used page around all the cryptos full of faucets games and more earns (rains from chat,lottery,tips) Also lets you withdraw from other pages with lower fees. You should have your account here.

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