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Cloud minning pages let you buy a mining power to mine any cryptocurrency with rented hardware (like investment in bank but with much higher interests). Many of these go scammy and actually run away with money,what is one of reasons why i only share pages that let you earn with NO DEPOSITS (i actually did deposits to get higher earns and am only using pages that are legit,also any page i share is used by me personally and does really pay (i will share payment proofs on each of the pages soon)


These pages let you claim FREE money.These actually arent high amounts,but using all the faucets found here should earn you enough to deposit on anything that could give more! Faucets gave me the chance to earn free money and deposit these on pages like Farm or mine (Can be found here) You will need you Bitcoin wallet to get your claimed money (Or use any deposit adress on pages where you would like to deposit on,you can get paid right there)

Other pages

You can also earn by playing games and more,here you can find all the pages which are worth-it using in your way to earn!


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